The future of interior doors is already here

You are invited to enter the world of Tuboul Doors, one of the leading interior doors companies in Israel. The company believes in setting uncompromising standards and therefore our interior doors are a reflection of our standard for quality.

Here you will find interior doors designed and manufactured using the world's most advanced technologies. We offer a wide range of models, colours and styles catering to individual customer desires.

Technological power, design quality and environmental responsibility

All our doors are made with high quality material created through an environmentally friendly process without the use of wood or toxins.

Tuboul Doors, in addition to being extremely strong and durable, provides total water resistance, efficient sound insulation, at the highest standard that meets the building's regulations.

We are proud of our ability to effectively address the diverse needs of our customers : private customers, architects, interior designers, contractors, building companies, entrepreneurs and project managers.

Tuboul Doors come in three unique series: ECO, ELEGANT and PREMIUM. Each series features a wide range of designs, textures, colours, and sizes, perfect for any home, taste and budget.


Our story

We are committed to producing the best interior doors, such as those based on advanced technology, environmental responsibility, and a design dream. To that end, we have mobilized the best minds and resources needed to fulfill that dream. We envisioned a door that would be strong, durable, well designed while having a low impact on the environment. Despite this challenging mission, we would never give up. We conducted research across the globe for possible door manufacturing materials that would meet all the criteria we set. We carried out a multitude of testing and improvement until we reached the finished product. A strong door, that both preserved the environment and looked like a designer’s dream come true.

We invite you to dive into our experience and move forward with the next thing - Tuboul Doors, one door in front of everyone.

Tuboul Group

Tuboul Group is one of Israel's leading Importers and distributors of building materials.

The group was founded in 1984 by the Tuboul brothers, Simo, Boaz and Oren.

Tuboul Group provides solutions for the construction industry and for a variety of retailers and wholesalers throughout Israel. The group offers its customers a range of over 30,000 products, and represents leading manufacturers in the construction industry.

Tuboul Group's Core Values

Uncompromising professionalism

Innovation and initiative

Partnership, reliability, and fairness in dealing with our customers, employees, and suppliers

Excellent service and constant improvement


Tuboul Group is a consortium of construction companies that complement, strengthen, and support each other while providing a set of end to end solutions to customer and group needs.

  • 300 workers including ~40 managers
  • 3 logistics centres spread on ~10 acres (40 dunams)
  • 4 showrooms for ceramics and doors
  • Large fleet of trucks
  • Thousands of products – mostly imported