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The future of interior doors is already at the doorstep

Welcome to the world of TUBOUL Doors, interior doors designed and manufactured with the most advanced technologies in the world. TUBOUL Doors offer many choices from a variety of models, colors and styles, offering the customer many options.

Technological forte, quality design and environmental accountability

All TUBOUL Doors are made of quality polymer (WPC), a synthetic material produced in an environmentally friendly process, not utilising wood and free of toxins. Replacing the outdated wooden doors, the polymer ones are undoubtedly the next generation when in the field of interior doors the world over. In addition to being sturdy and exceptionally durable, the polymer ensures total water resistance. Standing for uncompromising standards, we at TUBOUL Doors manufacture quality interior doors.

TUBOUL Doors come in three series; Basic, Elegant and Premium, each unique and each offering a wide range of designs, textures, colors and dimensions, suitable to any home, taste and budget.

The Brand’s Story

Striving to produce the best interior doors with cutting-edge technology, environmental accountability and our design dream, we called upon the top minds and resources. We had a vision of a door that is strong and durable, as well as superbly designed and environmentally friendly. No small task. However, we were not discouraged. We left no stone unturned in our search of materials that would meet all our criteria. We worked tirelessly to achieve our goal, the final product – a sturdy, environmentally friendly polymeric door that looks like a design dream come true.

We invite you to immerse yourself in this experience and discover the next best thing – TUBOUL Doors – one door ahead of the rest.

About the Tuboul Group

Operating for more than thirty years, the Tuboul Group is a leading building entrepreneur, importer and marketer of building materials and ceramics. The company offers building solutions from the initial stages of construction all the way to interior and finishes, to a variety of wholesale and retail clients nationwide. With its 60,000-item product basket, the Tuboul Groups represents Israel’s leading factories in the industry. Tuboul Group’s many advantages range from its advanced computerized logistic center, diverse  product basket catering to every need in the industry, a large fleet of vehicles for any transportation need, a reliable and experienced team and strong purchase power, all of which facilitate prompt, professional and effective service.

Founded in 1984, the Tuboul group is privately owned by the brothers; Simo, Boaz and Oren, who live in Jerusalem and are involved in the company’s business activity. The Tuboul group has about 250 people in its employment and a fleet of 30 trucks for its nationwide distribution system, meeting any transportation requirements.